SafeTracker Platform

The SafeTracker platform shapes the core. The platform offers the necessary robustness to receive notifications from a large number of devices and offers integrations with various devices. This makes the SafeTracker platform a solution that is suitable for many applications in various environments.

The platform can be integrated with other software tools, such as control room software, but can also be used as a stand-alone. A number of apps have been developed that are linked to the SafeTracker platform. These can be used on their own but also in combination with a control room.

Various types of connectivity are supported, such as 3G/4G+, WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM and Zigbee.

The platform includes:

Online portal for admin applications
Safe zones (Geofences)
Communication with users’ devices
Alert notifications with apps

Our platform and solutions can be integrated with almost all reception centres of emergency centres such as the UMO from Verklizan.