Lone Workers

If the work of your client’s employees involves solitary work and/or work in a hazardous environment, the security of staff is a necessity.

Aggressive customers, physical labour and dangerous circumstances are just a few examples where immediate alarm and follow-up assistance is of utmost importance.

There may be certain situation in which your client is on their own:

going on a house call by themselves,
escorting a client to another department by themselves
or while providing care

It goes well most of the time, however, there are incidents during which they have to deal with an over-demanding person, sexual harassment, threats or aggression. These are threatening incidents that require an immediate response.

SafeTracker offers safe solutions for ‘lone workers’ to be able to respond adequately in such cases. The solutions are mobile and based on the latest GPS technology. Tracing, locating and communication are directly linked with the control room.

We supply the following devices for the Lone Workers application: